Deikiškiai St. Ellen Chapel

Deikiškiai St. Ellen Chapel was built in 1716, by local people. In 1736 the chapel was rebuilt. 

The chapel is usually used to celebrate St. Ellen and the Guardian Angels Feasts, and on funerals of well known people from  Deikiškiai village. The chapel belongs to Vabalninkas the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church Parish. The chapel is also included in the tourist route - "Wooden Churches and Chapels of Biržai Region". 

Emilija Kvedaraitė-Mykolaitienė, the wife of the well known Lithuanian writer Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas, is buried in the Chapel cemetery.

On the main path towards the chapel there is a wooden cross decorated with beautiful ornaments. 

Deikiškiai St. Ellen Chapel was renovated in 2003, when Gaižiūnai Village Community was newly formed. One of her first tasks of the Community, was to repair the chapel. 

Coordinates: 56.045276, 24.743137

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