Biržai Castle / Biržai Region Museum "Sėla"


Biržai Castle is a Dutch-style fortress with bastions built by the Duke Radvila family and used to defend Lithuania’s northern borders in the 17th-18th centuries. In 1978-1988, a dilapidated palace of the castle complex has been restored. Today, it houses Jurgis Bielinis Public Library of Biržai from 1988, and Biržai Regional Museum Sėla, from 1989. 

Photo credit: R. Drevinskas


Biržai Region Museum "Sėla" is situated in the palace and arsenal. The whole complex consists of the rebuilt palace, arsenal, bridge, two gunpowder rooms and ruins of the gate and the fortification building.

The collections represent the culture and history of Biržai region. You will have a chance to get acquianted with the archeological finds from the era of Selonian and Semigalian tribes, the period of the dukes Radziwill and counts Tyszkiewicz. You will be able to learn about life in Biržai in the 18th to the second half of the 20th century. Equally interesting and valuable are the exhibitions on the history of the religious confessions of Biržai region, art and ethnography.  There is an interactive warfare exhibition focusing on the 16th, 17th and 18th century on display in the arsenal.

The museum invites you to visit the exhibition of ancient brewing traditions and to take part in their special program "From a grain to a song: Biržai tradition and hospitality". This is a unique opportunity  to experience the hospitality of Aukštaitija region and see the ancient brewing equipment. The museum also organizes a wide range of educational programs and workshops for schoolchildren of all ages.

Museum's two temporary exhibition halls host a new exhibition every 3 to 4 weeks.


The museum "Sėla" boasts sizable collections which are on display in the palace (Prehistory, Ethnography, Religion, Biržai and the Radziwiłł family, Biržai in the 19th century, Biržai in the 20th century) and arsenal (houses a permanent warfare exhibition since 2014).

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Coordinates: 56.205033, 24.753207 

Full price (castle and arsenal collection)
Adults - 5 € / 2.5 €*
Arsenal collection – 3 € / 1.5 €*
Temporary exhibition – 2 € / 1 €*
For the owner of Tallink CLUB ONE card - 3.5 €**

FREE entrance for people with disabilities and children under 5 years old. 

* Children (over 5 and below 19), students, senior citizens (over 60, with a valid ID card) and soldiers are entitled to reduced ticket price.
**The owner of CLUB ONE card  and four people with her/him are entitled to reduced ticket price (for everyone).

Family tickets (the discount does not apply to organized groups of visitors):
2 adults and 1 child – 10 €;
2 adults and 2 children – 12 €;
2 adults and 3 children – 15 €;
2 adults and 4 or more children – 10 € + 1.5 € for every child
Tickets can be purchased with cash or card.
60 minutes guided tours in the palace and arsenal or only in the palace/arsenal for groups up to 30 people:
in Lithuanian – 15 €;
in foreign languages – 20 € .
90 minutes guided tour in the palace and arsenal or on a specific topic for groups up to 30 people:
in Lithuanian – 20 €;
in foreign languages – 25 €.
You can book a tour or an educational programme by:
• E-mail:
• phoning: +370 450 33390, +370 655 43845, +370 655 57738.
At the weekends and after the opening hours general information can be obtained by phoning +370 450 33397 (only in Lithuanian and Russian.)

The museum, being a historical building, is only partially accessible to visitors with disabilites. The entrance to the musem is equipped with a wheelchair lift. The museum has several flights of stairs which would pose an obstacle for the disabled people. The arsenal building is fully accessible to visitors with disabilites. The museum staff is available for assistance. The entrance to the musem is free of charge for disabled visitors from Biržai region.

not to take your pets inside;
not to bring backpacks in;
not to take food and hot drinks inside;
not to take pictures with a flash.
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