Lodging Houses

"Biržų arbatinė" Apartments

Currently there are three double rooms available in Vytautas st. and one double room in Rotušės st. Each room has a lounge area, a mini kitchen, a TV, air conditioning, shower, wc, etc. A price for one night - 50 Eur, 2 nights - 45 Eur, for longer stays - 40 Eur/night. 

Vytauto st. 12, Biržai and Rotušės st. 7, Biržai
+370 650 45662
E-mail: birzuarbatine@gmail.com
Facebook: Biržų Arbatinės Apartamentai

Coordinates: 56.201085, 24.756139 


The hotel is located in the town centre. There are 12 double, 3 triple, 3 quadruple rooms, a hotel restaurant and caffe, a hall for official meetings (around 50 seats), a hall for celebrations or parties (around 70 seats), and a VIP meeting hall (12 seats). 

Maironio st. 8, Biržai
+370 612 94726
E-mail: avanti.hotel.restaurant@gmail.com 
Facebook: avanti.hotel

Hours for bookings by phone: from 8:00 till 17:00 o'clock.

Coordinates: 56.196801, 24.756972  

E. Zakrys Lodging House

In the lodging house of E. Zakrys there are 4 rooms with separate entrances and a garden with pergola. Each room has a fridge, a shower and other necessities for the stay. There is a beutiful garden, grill zone, possibility to play miniature golf, volleyball, badminton. 

*It costs 15 Eur per person to stay one night. Princes for bigger groups or longer stays are set by mutual agreement. 

Vabalninko st. 37A, Biržai
+370 650 60495
E-mail: zakrys88@gmail.com

Coordinates: 56.195685, 24.73525 

Lodging House "Pas Dauguvietytę"

The lodging house is located next to A. Dauguvietis park. The total accommodation capacity is 25 people. There are 6 rooms with a tv, a fridge, separate bathrooms and other necessities. Outside there is a beautiful garden with several gazebos, grill zones, basketball and football fields, possibility to go fishing by boat in a near by river. 

Tylos st. 26, Biržai
+370 698 05245
E-mail: algis.k56@gmail.com

Coordinates: 56.185403, 24.764888

A. Leimantas Lodging House

Geležinkelio st. 15, Biržai
+370 656 36625
E-mail: birzai.leimantiene@gmail.com

Coordinates: 56.200455, 24.740415

Daiva's Lodging House

Accommodation is provided in a private house in the Biržai city centre. We offer 4 rooms, for up to 13 people. Price per person - from 10 Euros/night. Convenient parking. Nearby, within easy walking distance, there is Biržai Castle, churches, lake "Širvėna", Tourism Information Centre, a shopping centre "Širvėna", catering establishments, local "Biržų alaus" brewery shop.

Vytauto st. 14, Biržai
+370 657 72112,  +370 657 73517

Coordinates: 56.200705, 24.756068 

Lodging House "Širvėnos lelija" 

Beautiful and cozy large space for 1-8 people. The wall is separating double bed and sleeping space from the common space. There is a balcony overlooking the lake, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, shower, toilet, carport, boat, pontoon pier.

V. Kudirkos st. 2a, Biržai 
+370 650 73195
E-mail: graz.kv@gmail.com 
Facebook: Širvėnos Lelija

Coordinates: 56.200705, 24.756068 

Lodging House "Prie Širvėnos"

Lodging house is located next to one of the biggest artificial lakes in Lithuania called Širvėna. There are 10 places to stay during Winter season and 15 places - during Summer season. The lodging house has a meeting hall (for 15 people), private yard, a gazebo, WiFi, tennis court, sauna, hot tub, small boats, and possibility to go fishing. 

Žvejų  st. 2, Biržai
+370 615 15335
E-mail: info@nakvyne-birzuose.lt
Facebook: Nakvynė Biržuose

Coordinates: 56.20344, 24.747892

"The Long - Braids House"

It is a new holiday place located near Širvėna Lake, in Biržai. At the house you will find everything you need to get away from city life and all the hustle and bustle. The stay is recommended for 2 adults or a family with small children. 

Here you will find a compact kitchen with all the main appliances, lounge area with a soft sofa and a fireplace, a shower, a toilet, a terrace with a grill. 

House rent price per night:

  • VII - IV:  40 Eur
  • V, VI: 50 Eur

An additional fee of 15 Eur applies if you want to use the sauna.

The price for one paddle board is 15 Eur (for the whole stay).

Nastopkos st. 1, Biržai
+370 618 37557
Facebook: ilgakasesnamelis

Coordinates56.203284, 24.743415

Birzai Technology and Business Training Center Dormitory

Birzai Technology and Business Training Center offers accommodation in a school dormitory next to the school. There are two types of rooms - double and quadruple (total number of rooms 15, total number of places 44). There are amenities: toilets and washbasins in each room block, there is a kitchen, showers in the basement, lounge area with TV. There is an internet connection and you can dine in the canteen of the training center.

Accommodation price per person - 10 Eur/night
For longer stays price per person - 8 Eur/night
For big groups of more than 10 persons - 8 Eur/night

Skratiškių st. 8, Biržai
+370 668 76063

Coordinates: 56.198461, 24.773014

Loreta Apartments in Biržai

Cozy accommodation in central Vytautas street, near the Independence Square. Two bedroom flat. Accommodation for up to 5 people.

Vytauto st. 11 - 6, Biržai
+370 615 98356
E-mail: loretaseskiene1964@gmail.com

Coordinates: 56.203225, 24.758246