About us

We are Biržai Tourism Information Centre, located in Biržai, Lithuania, operating since 1998.

  • We provide information about tourism resources, attractions and services in Biržai region;
  • we provide guide services and organise guided tours in Biržai region and in the territory of Lithuania;
  • we publish information publications about Biržai region;
  • we sell tourist - information publications, maps, souvenirs;
  • we work with different travel agencies: we book ferry and plane tickets, sightseeing and leisure travel tickets (www.gruda.lt www.eura.lt);
  • we help to book transportation, accommodation or guide services, find the necessary tourist information;
  • we provide office services - copy, print, scan;
  • we help with flight check-in and tickets;
  • we provide advertising services, we can order souvenirs, T-shirts with your desired logo.

Biržai Tourism Information Centre Registration Certificate

Tour Operator Certificate