Milišiūnai Sheep Farm

Milišiūnai Sheep Farm offers: 

*Educational programme "Sheep, Source of Clothing and Food" (must be booked in advance);
*wool felting lessons;
*products from sheep wool;
*multon and sheep milk product tastings;
*vast fields of different breed sheep and wool houses - yurts;
*leisure at the sheep farm;
*opportunity to try a special - dry sauna on wool;
*personal owners' collection of things related to sheep and lambs (with more than 1000 exhibits);
*exotic surroundings and lamb dishes for family celebrations, gatherings of friends or relatives, corporate parties.

The farm also rents premises for seminars and conferences (for up to 50 people).

In Milišiūnai sheep farm, you will also find personal owners' collection of things related to sheep and lambs. This collection took many years to be gathered and it is now displayed in one of the farm's yurts.

Kristina and Juris Milišiūnai sheep farm was established in 1994. Educational programmes on the farm have been carried out since 2015. The farm has about 800 different breeds of sheep (dominated by old Lithuanian, German, Prussian breeds). Here you will find five yurts built using sheep wool and skins.

The farm is located 17 km from Biržai on the very border between Lithuania and Latvia.

Facebook: Milisiunuukis
Coordinates: 56.297679, 24.590071
Photo credit: Milišiūnai Sheep Farm 
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