Eco Bare-Foot Park

All nature lovers are kindly invited to visit ECO BARE-FOOT PARK (near Birzai Horse farm stables).

The length of ECO BARE-FOOT PARK walking trail is 1300 meters!

The journey will begin with a stone path, but just around the corner your feet will feel sand. You will face even more exotic terrain if you continue following the path: sawdust, stones of various shape and size and even wood planks. You will find walking over reeds, withies, pinecones quite enjoyable. 

Of course you can jump from stump to stump or just happily walk through dirt. Then you will cross a small ditch, a wooden bridge will lift you up quite fast and as suddenly will bring you down. After a path full of sharp stones, you will be walking through sand and simple gravel, that will make you feel nice and relaxed. 

In case you find yourself out of breath, you are welcome to sit and rest on a bench that you will find in the middle of the walking trail. 

Ticket price 6 €
Price for children (up to 6 years) 4 €
Larger groups (30 and over) require pre-registration by phone.

Coordinates: 56.235835, 24.784715

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