Kirkilai Amusement Park

Here you will find a variety of activities for the whole family! The park is located only 1 km away from Kirkilai Observation Tower. 

Gravity House. This house is definitely confuse your brain and will even shock those who strickly believe in the laws of physics, as your brain and eyes make an unconscious conclusion about whether you are standing on a flat or sloping surface. No one can believe what they see until they have experienced it. 

Tunnel of illusions. When you visit our tunnel, even knowing that the bridge is not really moving, you will still feel as if you are spinning. You won’t be able to control your body’s reaction and you won’t believe this illusion. In the illusion tunnel, you will break away from reality and not be able to control your body despite being on a completely stable and flat surface.

In Kirkilai Amusement Park you will find:
  • Gravity House;
  • "Tunnel of illusions"; NEW!
  • House of Horror; NEW!
  • Cannabis Maze; 
  • "Rabbit Island" (full of many furry hopping friends); NEW!
  • Disc golf and mini golf;
  • Cognitive bird watching trail "NATURA 2000";
  • Target archery;
  • A giant trampoline for little ones;
  • Electric ATV (all-terrain vehicle) track for children; NEW!
  • Snacks, refreshments and a NEW outdoor pizzeria (up to 30 seats).
Entry ticket prices:
Gravity house - 3 €,
"Tunnel of illusions" - 3 €,
House of Horror - 3 €,
Visiting the park (full pack) - 9 € (gravity house, "Tunnel of illusions", House of Horror, disco golf, mini golf, "Rabbit Island", etc)
Visiting the park (without entertainment) - 1 €.
Groups (more than 10 people) - 10% discount.
Additional entertainment:
Children's ATV ride - 2 €
Shooting with airsoft guns - 2 €
Coordinates: 56.241881, 24.686777
Kirkilai Amusement Park Outdoor Pizzeria

Visit our cozy outdoor pizzeria in Kirkilai Amusement Park or try out home delivery! 

Delivery - 2 € (in Biržai city). It is FREE when ordering for 15 € or more. Minimum order for delivery - 10 €.

Working hours:
I - VII 11.00 - 22.00

Phone for ordering: +370 8664 98057

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