Mantagailiškis Manor

The name of Mantagailiškis Manor comes from a noble family name - Montigailai, which is known in Biržai region from the 16th century. The archeological findings also prove 16th century to be the erliest period of Mantagailiškis Manor history and development. During the Manor homestead territory archeological excavation, many different 16th century tiles with different motives were found. Some had a year 1645 written on them. 

It is known that in the second half of 18th century the Mantagailiškis Manor was owned by the Kušelevskis family. According to written texts of 1828, Karolis Holštenas, the landowner of Padaičiai Manor, had married Konstancija Kušelevska from Mantagailiškis Manor. In 1837, after the death of Vice-Marshal Ignacijaus Kušelevskis of Vilkmergė, in 1840, the new owners came to rule Mantagailikis lands -  the Holšten family. 

In the middle of the 19th century, the grand reconstruction of the whole Manor homestead took place: a new Classisism style palace was built, other homestead buildings were newly build or fully renovated. A newly built masonery fence marked the begining of Manor's garden establishment, with a wide system of ponds. Different renovation and reconstruction works also took place in the 20th century. 

In the year 1924, the Baroness Bronislava Holsten, the last Holsten family representative, sold Mantagailiškis lands to Juozas Dučinskas. The new owner moved with his family to Mantagailiškis Manor in 1933. During the Soviet Occupation time, in 1947, the last Baroness Holsten passed away, in 1949, J. Dučinskas was deported to Siberia by the Soviet NKVD, so the Mantagailiškas Manor buildings were transformed into place of production. 

In 1994, the remnants of Mantagailiškis Manor homestead were returned to the descendants of former owner J. Dučinskas's family. In 2007, Mantagailiškis Manor was bought by a new and current owner - Sigitas Kalkys. Today, detailed archeological research of the manor homestead territory and park, and structural research of the Manor house itself have been carried out.

In a memory of Mantagailiškis history, in 2010, a new game "Monteball", that takes place in Mantagailiškis park, was created. The aim of the game is to hit the football ball into a golf-like holes with the fewest possible shots. Today, visitors are welcome to come with friends, colleagues or business partners, to try out this interesting game and feel the Mantagailiškis spirit. 

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Coordinates: 56.216684, 24.68165

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