"Biržų duona" Ltd. Bakery Shop - Cafe

In 1953 a bakery was established in Biržai, which to this day makes bread according to the old traditions, combining them with modern technologies. "Biržų duona" Ltd., located in Biržai District, is now one of the oldest Lithuanian capital bakeries in the country, baking various breads and confectioneries with love every day. The production of old traditions is combined with modern bread production technologies, therefore "Biržų duona" baked goods are not only time-tested, but also adapted to modern man. 

Facebook: Biržų duona
Online shop (deliveries only in Lithuania): namo.birzuduona.lt
Shop Coordinates: 56.20194, 24.755272

Other "Biržų duona" Ltd. Bakery Shops in Biržai

Vytauto st. 26, Biržai

+370 650 31993

I-V      8:.00 - 18.00
VI       8.00 - 15.00
VII      closed

Plento st. 6, Biržai

+370 686 72806

I-V       8.30 - 17.00
VI-VII   closed

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