Educational Programmes at Alė Podėnienė's Rural Tourism Homestead

Educational Programme "Back in the Old Homestead" 

Visiting Alė Podėnienė's rural tourism homestead in Vinkšniniai village, you will be able to see glacial boulders and hear stories about their origins. Then you will be invited to participate at a fun educational programme Back in the Old Homestead, where you will be introduced to the local culinary heritage, ethnic music and hear fun stories. You will have an opportunity to taste dumplings made according to an old recipe and enjoy a cup of locally blended mint tea. 

The duration of the programme is 1,5 hours. It can be adapted to adults or children.

Please book several weeks in advance! 

Retro Record Player Museum and educational programme "Record Player History and Music with a Cup of Tea" NEW!

In this programme we will present you an impressive collection of turntables and old record players from different eras. The collection has more than half a hundred record players. You will hear the history of record players and vinyl records, how they become so popular and why. A ritual of listening to vinyl records filled with nostalgia, everything awaits you in the Retro Record Player Museum. All you have to do is visit us, and fun is guaranteed!

Reservation is required!

Facebook: Alespodenienessodyba

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