Vabalninkas the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is located in Vabalninkas, in the southern area of the district of Biržai, S. Nėries st. 2. 

In 1806, the Canon Priest A. Smalinavičius build a new masonry wall around the churchyard, in 1808 a new masonry rectory building was build, and finally, in 1814–1817 - the current Vabalninkas town church was build. The Assistant Bishop of Curonia Adam Korvin-Kosakowski consecrated the new church in 1818. In 1880 the church was enlarged, two facade towers and a brick belfry were built. In 1890, 33 registered organs were installed. 

The church was badly damaged during the both World Wars, but was restored not much long after. 

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is built in moderate Classicist and ornate Neo-Baroque forms. It is basilica type church with rectangular plan (45 × 24 m) and two towers. Inside, there are 3 naves, separated by pillars and 5 altars. In a masonry wall arround the churchyard, there are 14 little chappels with depicted Stations of the Cross. 

Coordinates: 55.979351, 24.745369 

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