Teapot Gallery

The wooden house on Vytautas street was built in 1920. Even though it was newly revived, the house still holds on to the retro spirit, that could be sensed in antique furniture, various accessories and, most importantly, a wonderful collection of brass teapots. 

The Teapot Gallery in Biržai, is like the whole world of tea in one place. There are more than 800 exhibits in the retro teapot collection and the exposition is growing fast! You can sit down at the antique table with impressive flowery chairs and admire the teapot collection or other sublime interior details, that make the store so unique.

After exploring the impressive teapot collection on the ground floor, you can book a room at the hotel upstairs for a night. There, even lamp shades are made from teapots!

Coordinates: 56.201078, 24.756214

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