Outcrop of Tabokine

The Outcrop of Tabokinė is a Devon rock formation with vertical walls situated in two levels and not continuous. It is up to 10 m high and stretches over 100 m. In its lower part there are layers of bluish-gray clay, gray dolomite, marlstone, yellowish dolomite powder, limestone, conglomerate, and brecca. The upper scarp is particularly interesting: it is 3 to 4 metres high and is composed of dolomite strata with cracks forming larges pieces of rock. The surface layers of the Istra suite contain 4-30 cm silicone (flint) concretions, limonite and pyrite drusen, calcite crystals and animal shell imprints. Following the pattern of cracks, birches and other trees grow on the wall. 
Coordinates: 56.410224, 24.830652
Photo credit: B. Jonikaitė
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