Rural Tourism Homestead "Vienkiemio Oazė"

We invite you to escape the city to a remote homestead in Biržai district! Escape from your busy thoughts, close your eyes and inhale. Remember and rediscover carefree summers, winds playing in the fields and magical forest trails.

Here, with us, in Aukštaitija region, in the homestead "Vienkiemio Oazė", the extraordinary peace of the countryside and modern coziness combine. 

The huge space of the single farm is divided into two separate sections. On one side stands an old barn ('kluonas') that was built in 1935, renovated, but still retaining its unique authenticity. It can accommodate 12 people. On the other - a charming, small fairytale cottage, surrounded by endless fields and forest. The authentic cottage, with elements reminiscent of a modern loft, is perfect for a romantic getaway for two, but can accommodate up to 4 people. There is a stream, a pond and Japanese 'ofuro bath'. 

To implement quality rest, we offer you:

  • canoeing in the extreme and exotic Apasčia river, or in the calmer Nemunėlis river;
  • real, rustic, authentic White Steam Sauna and Smoke Sauna, full with stories and legends;
  • volleyball court and table tennis;
  • pedalo boating in the pond. 

Accommodation is provided with all amenities: kitchen, dining room, toilet and shower, separate bedrooms, terrace, barbecue.

Price is depending on your needs - negotiable.

Rural Tourism Homestead "Vienkiemio Oazė" - for those looking to connect with nature!

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Coordinates: 56.023524, 24.88763

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