Rural Tourism Homestead of Alė Podėnienė

Homestead of Alė Podėnienė, located in Vinkšniniai village, surrounded by pine trees, near Rovėja stream. Only 7 km from the city of Biržai, with good roads, it is a pleasant and relaxing location to stay for those who visit Biržai for business or leisure. The homestead is over 3 ha of land, so there is plenty of space for relaxation or games. There is a lovely pond, pine forest, sauna, basketball and volleyball fields other activities. 

For those who want to celebrate family holidays (weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), we would help you by creating a cosy holiday environment. The event hall can accommodate about 50 guests and about 20 guests can stay during the night. 

The homestead also invites you to participate in the educational programme "Back in the Old Homestead" and "Record Player History and Music with a Cup of Tea", which takes place in the Retro Record Player Museum in the homestead. 

Facebook: alespodenienessodyba

Coordinates: 56.227022, 24.879106

Places of interest