Educational Programme "The Grain Path"

"The Grain Path" ("Grūdo kelias") – is an educational tour in authentic 20th century homestead. During this excursion you will see many household appliances, farming instruments and other machinery that was used years ago... Nevertheless you will visit our windmill (built in 1924) that is the only functional windmill in Lithuania! Halfway through our tour you are going to settle in a small cozy house to make your own loaf of traditional bread. Our guides will help you and explain how our ancestries were appreciating and making bread in old times. While bread loafs are baking, it is a great opportunity to relax and taste our homemade beer, game meet dishes, cheese and herbal tea.

​Yet it is not over! After a small break you will be invited to visit a museum of classic cars and to see our lovely animals.

"The Grain Path" is intended for groups of at least 10 people. 

The time and date must be arranged in advance. 

Duration of a tour is about 4 hours.

Places of interest