Birzai Region Museum "Sela" - Vabalninkas Branch

In 1995, Vabalninkas Culture and History Foundation established a museum. The museum became a branch of  Biržai Region Museum "Sėla" in 2005. Until 2010 the museum was managed by Ona Šoblinskienė, one of the founders of the Foundation. The current head of the branch is Vida Skujienė. 
In 2017 the new premises, adapted to the modern requirements of museology were opened in the Vabalninkas branch of the Biržai Region Museum “Sėla”. The main building of the museum itself is also historically valuable. In the Interwar period it belonged to Simon Slavin, a Jew of Vabalninkas, and in the Post-War period, it was the local headquarters of the KGB, where the so-called "people's enemies" were imprisoned. 
The main exposition presenting the history of Vabalninkas region was established in the largest room of the museum building, where various events and educational programs for students are already taking place. The memory of former political prisoner Monsignor Kazimieras Vasiliauskas, who radiated spiritual warmth, also found a place in the exposition. In the museum, you can find his personal belongings and regalia of an honorary citizen of Biržai. The most tragic events of the 20th century, Lithuanian forced exile by soviets and the fate of local Jews community, are also deeply reflected in the exposition. In the adjoining room - there is a hall for temporary expositions. There is also an ethnographic exposition room with interior and household items typical for "Aukštaitija" region.
The most valuable exhibits stored in the Vabalninkas branch are: archives and personal belongings of famous writers, politicians, and priests from the Vabalninkas region, photos of the town's iconographer Juozas Daubaras, ethnographic collections and other objects. Currently, Vabalninkas museum stores close to 4 thousand artifacts, but this number is growing steadily. 
Visiting the Vabalninkas museum and exhibitions is free of charge.
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