Eldership of Pačeriaukštė

Eldership of Pačeriaukštė

Pačeriaukštė Eldership is located in the northwest of Biržai District. The eldership borders with Nemunėlis Radviliškis, Pabiržė elderships, Pasvalys District and the Republic of Latvia. The administrative centre of the eldership is in the village of Pačeriaukštė (also known as Pačeriaukštė I). There are 55 settlements in the eldership. The size of the territory: 110 km². 

In 2009 Biržai Eldership was divided into 4 smaller local elderships: Juostaviečių, Pačeriaukštės, Pasvaliečių, Smilgių. 

Famous places in the eldership:

1. XIX c. Butautai Manor. It is mentioned since 1750. The red brick Manor House we see today was built in the early 20th century. 

Contact details:

Pačeriaukštė village, LT-41416, Biržai District
Phone: +370 450 57294, +370 612 26265
E-mail: paceriaukste@birzai.lt