"Camino Lituano" Pilgrimage Route


Enjoy the pleasures of being active! 

To walk is a natural human physical activity. After a long sitting at the computer, driving a car or tipping over on the couch. Walking intensifies muscle activity, speeds up blood circulation, stimulates the immune system, reduces psychological tension and improves mood. Walking produces hormones of happiness.

The Camino Lithuanian route is a great choice to go and walk - go physically, go spiritually, go get to know the world. "Camino Lituano", is a ~ 500 km pilgrimage-cultural road created on a voluntary basis through Lithuania and merging with the European St. Jacob's road network. 

The route in Biržai District starts in Germaniškis and stretches all the way to Pasvalys district (Germaniškis - Sodeliškiai - Kirkilai - Biržai - Likėnai - Pajiešmeniai). Its duration - 3 days, 2 nights are planned in Sodeliškiai homestead and Biržai city. Total distance ~ 64 km. It is planned that in the summer of 2021 the route will already be marked with arrows, a special map will be released to allow better orientation. 

"Camino Lituano" route sections:
  1. section: Germaniškis village - Sodeliškiai village (accommodation in Sodeliškiai) - 14 km.
  2. section: Sodeliškiai village - Biržai city (accommodation in Biržai) - 17 km.
  3. section: Biržai city - Pajiešmeniai village (accommodation in Pajiešmeniai) - 33 km.
64 km. in total. 

Download the route pdf