Biržai Town and Region Cognitive Tour

Excursion / Tour "One-day POPULAR"

To experience and discover new exciting locations while traveling around Lithuania, it is necessary to visit Biržai. Here you will find exceptional landscape, many interesting sights. Biržai Castle is amoung them and it is full of stories and myths.

During the tour, you will visit the best preserved bastion type fortress in North-Eastern Europe, and at the Biržai Regional Park Visitor Center you will see an interactive exposition "Region of Collapsing Ground". You will hear stories about our main monuments in Biržai: Memorial to the Perished in Battles for Independence of Lithuania and the Monument  to the poet Julius Janonis. Visit the Biržai Evangelical Reformed Church established by famous noble family Radvilos, who supported and spread this religion. You will then walk along the longest pedestrian bridge in Lithuania, which leads to one of the most beautiful Romantic era mansion In Lithuania, the homestead of Astravas manor, the former residence of Counts Tiškevičiai. The tour will take us to Kirkilai village, where we will climb the 32-meter-high Kirkilai Observation Tower, which offers a unique landscape view of  karst lakes. Finally we will end our tour with the most famous karst sinkhole "Cow‘s  Cave".

Ideal tour to explore both Biržai city and famous sights in the region.

We invite you to Birzai to explore! 

Duration: 3.5 hours
Price: Up to 30 persons - 45 Eur; over 30 perons - 2 Eur / person.
Starting place: J. Radvilos st. 3, Biržai

Tour booking: Biržai Tourism Information Centre,
J. Janonio st. 2, Biržai
Phone: +37069472879