Famous Birthplaces


The ethnocultural and historic heritage of the City of Biržai and the surrounding areas includes not only archaeological artefacts but also talented people who have born, grown, studied or worked in various fields in this region. 

The Birthplace of Jurgis Bielinis, the Oak Tree and a Memorial Stone of Jurgis Bielinis

Purviškiai II village., Biržai District., WGS 56.320505, 24.699904

Jurgis Bielinis (1846-1918) — publicist and one of the main organizers of illegal book smuggling (knygnešiai) at the time of the Lithuanian press ban.

The Birthplace of Jokūbas Šernas 

Jasiškiai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.370640, 24.755704

Jokūbas Šernas (1888-1926) — a signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania on 16 February 1918.

The Birthplace of Borisas Dauguvietis

Dauguviečiai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.371537, 24.953539

Borisas Dauguvietis (1885-1949) — playwright, theatre director, actor.

The Birthplace of Stanislovas Dagilis 

Mažutiškiai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.284946, 24.834874

Stanislovas Dagilis (1843-1915) — a poet, translator, active figure of Lithuanian culture.

The Birthplace of Jonas Variakojis 

Rinkuškiai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.224137, 24.742878

Jonas Variakojis (1892-1963) — The Lithuanian National Revival participant, Commander of the Regiment of the Independent Lithuanian Armed Forces, Captain, Minister of National Defense.

The Birthplace of Kazys Jakubėnas 

Kaušiškiai (not far from Kyliškiai village.), Biržai District, WGS 56.088247, 25.036591

Kazys Jakubėnas (1908-1950) — a poet, translator, activist against social inequality, most notable for his poetry for preschool children.

The Birthplace of Antanas Macijauskas 

Pasvaliečiai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.225932, 24.517079

Antanas Macijauskas (1874-1950) — engineer, cartographer, translator, publicist, publisher.

The Birthplace of Motiejus, Antanas and Bronius Budriūnai 

Pabiržė, Biržai District, WGS 56.184428, 24.640284

Antanas Budriūnas (1902-1966) — a composer, choir conductor, organist.

Bronius Budriūnas (1909-1994) — a composer, orchestra conductor, teacher.

Motiejus Budriūnas (1898-1969) — a composer, choir conductor.

The Birthplace of Jonas and Martynas Yčai 

Šimpeliškiai village., Biržai district, WGS  56.164222, 24.815066

Jonas Yčas (1880-1931) — an active figure in the society of independent Lithuania, historian, philosopher, publicist. 

Martynas Yčas (1885-1941) — an active figure in the society of independent Lithuania, famous politician, press associate, lawyer, industrialist.

The Birthplace of Julius Janonis

Beržiniai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.129148, 24.882952

Julius Janonis (1896-1917) — a poet and activist.

The Birthplace of Kazys Binkis 

Gudeliai village., Biržai district, WGS 56.107610, 25.026293

Kazys Binkis (1893-1942) — an avant-garde poet, journalist, playwright. 

The Birthplace of Kazys Ladyga 

Iškonių village., Biržai District, WGS 56.088182, 24.860526

Kazys Ladyga (1893-1941) — the Lithuanian National Revival participant, the General of the Independent Lithuanian Armed Forces. 

The Birthplace of Balys Sruoga 

Baibokai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.036405, 24.707107

Balys Sruoga (1896-1947) — a writer, poet, playwright, critic, and literary theorist. 

The Birthplace of Alfonsas and Vytautas Petruliai

Kateliškiai village., Biržai District, WGS 55.955889, 24.834390

Alfonsas Petrulis (1873-1928) — a signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania on 16 February 1918.

Vytautas Petrulis (1890-1941) — an economist, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, Minister of Finance, Member of the Lithuanian parliament 'Seimas' and Chairman of the Presidium. 

The Birthplace of Konstantinas Šakenis

Veleniškiai village., Biržai District, WGS 55.936732, 24.756714

Konstantinas Šakenis (1881-1959) — the Chairman of the Lithuanian parliament 'Seimas', Minister of Education, and a notable public figure.

The Birthplace of Kazimieras Vasiliauskas 

Kateliškiai village., Biržai District, WGS 55.963371, 24.833038

Kazimieras Vasiliauskas (1922-2001) — a Monsignor priest of Vilnius Cathedral.

The Birthplace of Mamertas Indriliūnas

Gataučiai village., Biržai District, WGS 56.155508, 23.526491

Mamertas Indriliūnas (1920-1945) — an activist for Lithuanian independance, critic.