Project "Let's get to know neighbours in Zemgale"

Project "Let's get to know neighbours in Zemgale"

The 2021 campaign has plenty in store!

  • Campaign time: from June 11th to August 30th
  • Rules: Visit 16 locations in your country and 17th location - Virtual Gate at the Adžūnai (LV) - Žeimelis (LT) border (visible in the SAN app). Take photos or selfies at those locations. Upload them to the mobile application "Kaimini Zemgale". Keep extra copies of your photos until the end of the campaign.
  • What is needed: "Kaimini Zemgale" and "SAN" mobile apps, smartphone with internet connection, GPS and gyroscope function. More information here.
  • Participants age: from 7 years.
  • Prizes: 4 bicycles and 4 electric scooters.

From June 11th till August 30th, residents of Lithuania and Latvia are invited to participate and get to know the planned tourist locations of the project and upload selfies to the mobile app "Kaimini Zemgale". This year, only the mobile app will be used and there will be no paper leaflets. 

Also, due to the epidemiological situation in Lithuania and Latvia, this year participants are invited to visit selected tourist sites only in their own countries. During this project, participants will have to visit 16 places of interest in their country and a virtual gate at the Adžūnai / Žeimelis border (visible in the SAN app). All persons from 7 years of age can participate.

The attractions of Biržai district this year are the following: Sign "#Biržai" located in the Independence Square in Biržai, shore of Širvėna lake in Astravas manor park, signpost located in Nemunėlis Radviliškis, and Butautai manor.

The project team has created a presentation video that shows all the project tourist sites that participants need to visit, as well - an interactive Google map showing the exact locations and coordinates of all the locations involved in the project since the beginning of this initiative. 

As every year, the project prizes are 4 bicycles and 4 electric scooters.

You can find the video and more information: Kaiminiziemgale and Kaiminiziemgale Facebook

Interactive map (this year's sites are marked with yellow markers).

Video clip of "Let's get to know neighbours in Zemgale" 2021 : here

More about our project - tourism campaign

The municipalities of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale and Vecumnieki in Latvia, and Biržai, Pasvalys, Pakruojis and Jonišis municipalities in Lithuania invite Latvian and Lithuanian tourists every year to take part in the campaign "Let's get to know neighbours in Zemgale!". 
The purpose of the cooperation agreement is to promote the development of tourism facilities, events and services in the territories of the cooperation partners. The most important tasks of the project are to encourage residents to travel and discover the tourism facilities and services offered by the neighbors, to promote business and tourism development, to organize a joint project campaign.
In the 2020 campaign, participants won 4 bikes, 4 scooters and 8 sponsor gift cards.
The idea of the cooperation project was born in Bauska (Latvia) at the end of 2016, which the municipalities have already implemented during the 2017 tourism season.