Lodging house of B. Usevičius
Vytauto g. 81, Biržai

Tel: +370 615 27053
E-mail: brusu21@gmail.com







Lodging house of J. Vireliūnas
Žvejų g. 2, Biržai,
Tel: +370 615 15335
E-mail: valijo2@gmail.com







Lodging house of E. Zakrys
Vabalninko g. 37A, Biržai,
Tel: +370 650 60495
E-mail: zakrys88@gmail.com







A. Žaldokas homestead
Aušros g. 2, Biržai,
Tel: +370 672 09645
E-mail: zaldokas2@gmail.com

The homestead, established close to Lake Širvėna (50 m.) has 6 rooms and can host 15 guests.

The guests can enjoy themselves fishing or rowing a boat on the lake.





Maironio g.8, Biržai

Tel. +370 618 19459, +370 68262402
El.p. hotel_avanti@yahoo.comekpi@takas.lt
www.facebook.com (Avanti Viešbutis - restoranas)







Overnight house of "Pas Dauguvietytę
Tylos g. 26, Biržai
Tel.: +370 69805245
E-mail:  algis.k56@gmail.com






Birzai Technology and Business Training Center

Phone number. +370 450 33473

Accommodation price per person 6€/day

Skratiskiu g. 8, LT-41156 Biržai

Birzai Technology and Business Training Center has the opportunity to stay at a school dormitory near the school. Rooms of two types - double and quadruple (total number of rooms15, total capacity 44). There are utilities: WC and washbasin in each unit room, there is a kitchen, showers in the basement, a lounge area with a TV. Internet connection available, you can have a meal at the training center. 










Vytauto g. 12th, Birzai

Tel. +370 650 45662

Currently there are two rooms available. In rooms there is a lounge area, a mini kitchen, TV, air conditioning, shower, wc, etc. Double room - 49 eur. Quadruple room 79 eur.











Countryside Farmstead  "Next to sinkhole" ("Prie įgriuvėlės")

Ežerėlių g. 4 kirkilai k.

Širvena sen., Birzai district

Tel. + 37065175669 , +37067227093

email: at.igriuveles@gmail.com

5 km from Birzai, near a karst lake, a farmstead can be used to build a tent or arrive with a camper. Educational programs can be ordered: knitting on a rake, fingers; learn to fry roses / culinary heritage / etc. We offer to order culinary heritage dishes: pancakes of roughly ground wheat flour, breadcrumbs, sauerkraut, fishlilies, etc.. To the View tower is 0.5 km.


Lodging house "Under the Vinkšna" (Po Vinkšna") 

Lauko g. 13th, Biržai

Tel. +370 650 56000

Number of rooms 5, beds 12.




Homestead "Duderyne" 

28 th Mokyklos str., Kirkilų village, district of Biržai

T.: +37062946008, +37067821128

8 km from Birzai town, homestead   established close to  Kirkilai karst lakes - for your personal holidays and fun activities in the surroundings of nature. We have ballroom for 30 persons (during the warm season) with 20 sleeping places. You can have the sauna or relax in the hot tub. There is place where You can play volleyball, basketball.





Apartments to Virginijus Undzėnas

Rotušės str.. 30C, Biržai,

Mob.. +370 698 73185,

El.p. virginijus.un@gmail.com