Lodging house of B. Usevičius
Vytauto g. 81, Biržai

Tel: +370 615 27053
E-mail: brusu21@gmail.com







Lodging house of J. Vireliūnas
Žvejų g. 2, Biržai,
Tel: +370 615 15335
E-mail: valijo2@gmail.com







Lodging house of E. Zakrys
Vabalninko g. 37A, Biržai,
Tel: +370 650 60495
E-mail: zakrys88@gmail.com







A. Žaldokas homestead
Aušros g. 2, Biržai,
Tel: +370 672 09645
E-mail: zaldokas2@gmail.com

The homestead, established close to Lake Širvėna (50 m.) has 6 rooms and can host 15 guests.

The guests can enjoy themselves fishing or rowing a boat on the lake.




Maironio g.8, Biržai

Tel. +370 618 19459, +370 68262402
El.p. hotel_avanti@yahoo.comekpi@takas.lt
www.facebook.com (Avanti Viešbutis - restoranas)







Overnight house of "Pas Dauguvietytę
Tylos g. 26, Biržai
Tel.: +370 69805245
E-mail:  algis.k56@gmail.com






Birzai Technology and Business Training Center

Phone number. +370 450 33473

Accommodation price per person 6€/day

Skratiskiu g. 8, LT-41156 Biržai

Birzai Technology and Business Training Center has the opportunity to stay at a school dormitory near the school. Rooms of two types - double and quadruple (total number of rooms15, total capacity 44). There are utilities: WC and washbasin in each unit room, there is a kitchen, showers in the basement, a lounge area with a TV. Internet connection available, you can have a meal at the training center. 










Vytauto g. 12th, Birzai

Tel. +370 650 45662

Currently there are two rooms available. In rooms there is a lounge area, a mini kitchen, TV, air conditioning, shower, wc, etc. Double room - 49 eur. Quadruple room 79 eur.











Countryside Farmstead  "Next to sinkhole" ("Prie įgriuvėlės")

Ežerėlių g. 4 kirkilai k.

Širvena sen., Birzai district

Tel. + 37065175669 , +37067227093

email: at.igriuveles@gmail.com

5 km from Birzai, near a karst lake, a farmstead can be used to build a tent or arrive with a camper. Educational programs can be ordered: knitting on a rake, fingers; learn to fry roses / culinary heritage / etc. We offer to order culinary heritage dishes: pancakes of roughly ground wheat flour, breadcrumbs, sauerkraut, fishlilies, etc.. To the View tower is 0.5 km.

Lodging house "Under the Vinkšna" (Po Vinkšna") 

Lauko g. 13th, Biržai

Tel. +370 650 56000

Number of rooms 5, beds 12.