Tours and Beer Tasting in Butautai Manor Brewery

In the Butautai Manor Brewery you will be able to witness not only the beer production process, but also taste different kinds of locally made beer and hear the history of the manor.

Butautai manor has been known since 1750, and although it is not clear who the first owners of the manor were, it is known that beer brewing traditions in Butautai existed from the very long time ago. Today the Butautai Manor has many beer tasting halls for visitors and beer tasting activities of brewerie's finest beers. The owners of the manor offer a wide range of different beers and kvass. Hot gourmet dishes and savory snacks are available only by prior arrangement. 

There are three different beer tasting tours and one non alcoholic beer and kvass tasting programme. For more information about tasting tours, please check their official site.

Facebook: Butautudvaras

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