Tours and Beer Tasting in "Biržai Beer" Brewery

Beer tasting programmes are temporarily unavailable!

Cognitive-tasting program "Beer Tour" at "Biržai Beer" ("Birzu Alus" ) Brewery  

You like beer and want to know more about this beverage, don’t you?

Are you dreaming of visiting a place where real "alive" beer sees the light or how are virtuosos of the brewing craft toiling in their places of work?

Do you want to know about the honorable and full of attractions Lithuanian brewing history?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are welcome to the cognitive – tasting program “Beer Tour” arranged by “Biržų alus“, where the demands of even the most curious beer lover will be met.

Duration of the “Beer Tour” program: 1.5 hr. We are ready to receive groups of 15-55 persons.

Facebook: Birzualus


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