Visit Biržai Regional Park!

  Information about the regional park's natural and cultural values, must-visit-sites, recreation opportunities provided in Biržai Regional Parks‘ Visitor centre.

 Visitor centre provides not only information. Upon entering the Centre, you will immediately begin to feel a sense of being in a sinkhole. In a reception-room, embossed glass elements represent the structure of sinkhole slopes: a cross-section shows rock strata exposed following a landslide. The ceiling also depicts the interior of a sinkhole. There are interactive displays entitled ‘Development of Sinkholes’ and ‘Ecosystem of Karst Lakes’, an installation functioning like a hourglass that imitates the collapse of the land surface forming a sinkhole, and other installations feature the sinkhole before and after the collapse, which helps to understand natural phenomena occurring in the region of Biržai. The second hall offers a rich collection of minerals and rocks of the region. A fascinating interactive exhibition featuring a core sample obtained by drilling with special drills into the sediment or rock gives to visitors a vivid impression of a scale of the depth of drill hole and visualizes the bedrock strata.

 The Administration of Biržai Regional Park invites you to go for a tour ‘To the Museum of Depths of the Earth’ to marvel must see attractions of the Park: half-kilometer-long footbridge over Širvėna Lake, Astravas Manor and surrounding park, old dam, Karajimiškis Landscape Reserve with a unique area of karst sinkholes, and karst lakelets of Kirkilai. Duration: around 2 hours. Distance: approximately 20 kilometers.


Administration of Biržai Regional Park

 Rotušės g. 10, LT-41175, Biržai

 Tel: +370 450 35 805

 Fax: +370 450 34 264



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