The view tower

The View Tower 

In the territory of Biržai regional park, next to karst lakes, a view tower is built; its form resembles a canoe or a sinking boat. The height of the tower is almost 32 metres. The width of the viewpoint, which is in 30 metres height, is almost 30 square metres. On the first floor there is a 27.75 sq. m. amphitheatre meant for gatherings, small events or just for relaxation.

The purpose of the view tower is to create favourable conditions to the visitors in order to acquaint them with one of the main values of the Biržai regional park – the terrain of karst ditch in Sanctuary of Kirkilai landscape. When you climb-up to the view tower, you can see wonderful views: 30 sink holes full of water. They are called the lakes of the Sanctuary of Kirkilai. Their diameter can be approximately 35 meters and more.   Some times, when certain conditions are met, in Summer the lakes can be of different colors.

The village of Kirkilai, the district of Biržai 

Photo credit: R. Drevinskas, T. Raudonikienė