From a grain to a song: Biržai tradition and hospitality "

Birzai Regional Museum ‘Sela’ offers a visit to a unique exhibition of old brewing traditions. The participants will be introduced to tools used in the old brewing process, the technologies of home brewing – and the hospitable traditions of the people of Aukstaitija. Sitting at a white cloth table you will taste Birzai beer, cheese and bread, and listen to a folklore group that promote the local  musical traditions by playing festive songs (songs sung while treating guests).

There’s also an opportunity to try out local musical instruments sing and dance.

Please book in advance:

 +370 450 33390,

+370 655 43845,

+370 655 57738

Address: J. Radvilos g. 3, Birži


Birzai Regional Museum ‘Sela’


Cognitive-tasting program „Beer tour“ at "Birzu alus" brewery  

You like beer and want to know more about this 
beverage, don’t you?

Are you dreaming of visiting a place where real “live” 
beer sees the light or how are virtuosos of the brewing 
craft toiling in their places of work?

Do you want to know about the honorable and full of 
attractions Lithuanian brewing history?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, 
you are welcome to the cognitive – tasting program 
“Beer Tour” arranged by “Biržų alus“, where the 
demands of even the most curious 
beer lover will be met.

Duration of the “Beer Tour” program: 1.5 hr. We are ready to receive groups of 15-55 persons.

Offers 5 different programs!

Please book in advance:

+370 614 98661


Address: Rotušės g. 22, Biržai



LITHUANIAN BEER ROUTE at brewery „Rinkuskiai“

Travelling along Beer ROUTE you will:

DISCOVER a unique place in Lithuania - Biržai region, known as the beer capital of Lithuania,

EXPLORE ancient brewing traditions of Biržai region,

TASTE traditionally dishes and snacks.

Tours are organized daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Groups from 10 to 100 people are admitted. Individual persons are invited to join the groups. We offer different programs, local and international cuisine meals, educational programs and attractions in Lithuanian, Russian and English.

Offers 7 different programs!

Please book in advance

+370 659 52526

Address: Alyvų g. 8, Biržu k.




Tours and tasting at Butautas Manor

In the estate manor you will be able to see not only the production process, but you can taste the beer made there, hear the history.

Offers 4 different programs!

Please book in advance

+370 68583343 or +370 68546728

Address: Butautu k, Biržu raj.