Educational-entertaining program Beer of Žaldokas (Žaldoko alus)
in Biržai Regional Museum Sėla
J. Radvilos g. 3, Biržai


You will have the opportunity to see old brewery outfit, to discover technologies of home beer brewing, to experience the traditional hospitality of Highlanders. At the table with a white tablecloth, you will taste traditional beer of Biržai region, cheese and bread. Entertained by a folk group, which promotes an archaic regional style of music and songs, you should allow yourself the pleasure of playing on panpipes, blowing a horn, singing and dancing.

 For booking the tour, please call on: +370 450 33390 +370 655 43845, +370 655 57738, or

E-mail:  or go to


Tour and beer tasting in the brewery UAB Biržų Alus
Rotušės g. 22, Biržai

 You will visit one of the oldest breweries in Lithuania. A long-forgotten old cellar, by chance discovered during a reconstruction, has been renewed and turned into a splendid venue for reception of visitors. An in-depth tour of the brewery and tasting of beer is available on request at additional charge. 



For booking the tour, please call on: +370 616 16 514 or E-mail: or go to



Tour and beer tasting in the brewery TŪB Rinkuškiai,
Alyvų g. 8, Biržų k.


Have you ever dreamed of going to a place where you will feel like at home, remember family traditions, cut off a slice of handmade bread, and to feel on lips a nice foamy beer head? We invite you to visit the brewery Rinkuškiai, where you will hear fascinating stories about lifestyle and traditions in bygone times. You should taste beer of Rinkuškiai in the restaurant Alaus Kelias, shortlisted as one of the best catering establishments for tourists in Lithuania in 2011.


For booking the tour, please call on: +370 659 52526 or E-mail: alauskelias@rinkuskiai.ltor go to


The Brewery of manor Butautai


     Butautu Manor was built more than 250 years ago in Birzai district. During that time it was destroyed and enthusiastically restored few times until it became the centre of beer region. Today you can participate in a guided tour throughout the brewery, find out the secrets of manor and sample beer that is being produced in this brewery, hosts will serve not only beer, but also gourmet venison dishes and delicious snacks.  


For booking the tour, please call on: +37066232510, +37068583343 or email: More information: