Cognitive-geological path in the territory of the SINKHOLE BADGER’S SETT (BARSUKO OLA)

The path runs through Karajimiškis landscape reservation in Mantagailiškis-based Gojelis forest.

The walking path runs through a 2.5 hectare area over a conflux ground surface. The total distance is 700 metres.
The path sets out at the sinkhole Geologists’ Hole (Geologų duobė), crosses the sinkhole Fox´s Lair (Lapės ola), and upon reaching the south-western boundary of Gojelis further guides you to the array of lurking sinkholes where you will see the sinkhole Badger´s Sett and other larger and deeper sinkholes. 


Educational path through Užušiliai forest
A resting place and educational path through the Užušiliai forest, forestry of Biržai, quadrants 74, 75, plot 22.

The length of the educational path: 0.6 kilometres.
While walking, you will have opportunity to learn more about plants and other amazing aspects of wildlife. Both the resting place and educational path are provided with facilities for disabled.
Coordinates in the system LKS 94: 546702 / 6237264.

Walking path through Kirkilai Landscape Reserve
The walking path through the karst lakelets of Kirkilai provides the opportunity to see at very close range these exceptional water bodies. The path runs across small bogs and peninsulas rich in wetland plants and animals. At the end of the path, you will step on a footbridge to reach the opposite shore of the lake. If you will look at water from the footstep, you may spot some colonies of purple sulphur bacteria. 

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Footpath through Užubaliai Wetlands Reserve
The Užubaliai Wetlands Reserveis situated in the area of a former peat bog. The reserve is an amazing sanctuary for wide variety of water and terrestrial plants and animals. There are many beaver dams. These wetlands attract flocks of birds to the delight of ornithologists and birdwatchers. The reserve has an observation tower for watching wildlife. Užubaliai is a great place to escape the noise of cities and savour the tranquillity of nature.  

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