Educational-cuisine-shopping tour at Kirkilai craft center

Educational-cuisine-shopping tour at Kirkilai craft center

Tour is available May – November

Craftsmen from Kirkilai village community from May till November will present the best of Birzai heritage. 

During the tour you will take a close look at pieces of craft works. Also, craftsmen will invite you to take part in craft-making process.

Here you can buy unique souvenirs which were made by hand using techniques of knitting, crocheting, weaving, and carving. This tour includes cuisine part; you will have a chance to taste heritage cuisine of Kirkilai village.

The cuisine part includes tasting of very old recipes: rough wheat flour pancakes, fish soup, herbal tea and etc. Local musicians will play great music to make you feel even more exited.  Of course you will also be introduced to history of the village, museum and karst sinkholes, with new ones opening every year.

Address: Kirkilų k., Biržų r. 


T.: +370 685 75567

  +370 618 28 298