Construction of bikeway through lakeside

In 2013 construction of bikeway, which would start at Kęstučio street, would go through beautiful south lakeside of Širvėna up until Lakes‘pedestrian bridge. The bikeway will be 1932,61 kilometers long and will have benches, rest places, informational stands. It is expected to finish the cycle lane in 2014.

The bikeway will be a great route through the most interesting cultural objects in Biržai (Biržai castle, Astravas’ palace manor, catholic and evangelist churches). It a great way of sightseeing and probably the most entertaining route of exploring a beautiful city of Biržai.

At Biržai tourism information centre you can find free fliers with all the information about sightseeing sites and plan a convenient bicycle route.

Even if you don’t have a chance to take your own bike to visit Biržai no worries! Biržai has possibility and you are welcome to rent it at:

Evadinamika UAB

Vytauto g. 5, Biržai

Phone: 8 450 31370, +370 650 25129


 Biržai district municipality information