“Biržai tourism cluster” intertwines the unique landscape, exclusive natural resources, glorious history, the nurturance of old traditions, crafts, culinary heritage of Biržai region, local brewing traditions into one harmonious unity.

We want Biržai to become the most visited region in the North of Lithuania.

See you in Biržai!

Members of Biržai tourism cluster 

Biržai tourism information center


J. Janonio str. 2, Biržai

Tel.: +370 450 33 496

+370 450 35 205,

+370 686 73 742

Fax +370 450 33 496


skype: birzutic


Provides information about Biržai region tourism resources and services, guide services. Sell tourist information publications, maps, souvenirs. Books ferry, plane tickets, cognitive and leisure trips, help you find the right information.

Company of

V. Undzėnas


Rotušės g.30 C, Biržai.

 Tel. +370 698 73185


Rent of cars, trucks, rural homestead, and canoes.

We suggest you to travel by water from Biržai city till homestead on the bank of Apasčia. You will be able to eat, spend night, play volleyball or basketball, enjoy a sauna after arrival in homestead. To continue the route of canoes, you can swim from your homestead till Nemunas River, or even reach the Baltic Sea.


JSC „Evadinamika“


Tel.: +370 687 18299



Provides local tourism organizer services. The company also rents bicycles, sums suits and tents for celebrations. Conducts Nordic walking training.

Individual enterprise

„Leporo LT“


J. Janonio square 5, Biržai

Tel.: +370 684 65329



The company carries out advertising agency services, organization of tourism and events.

Company of R. Greviškienė


J. Radvilos g. 3, Biržai.

Tel. +370 450 33032

Restaurant “Pilies skliautai” (“Castle Vault”) invites everyone, who is interested in delicious food. You will be able not only to have lunch, but also spend a cozy evening in candlelight with a glass of wine or a mug of Biržai beer. Carefully selected products, unique combinations of traditional ingredients, subtle presentation of dishes and commitment to food preparation will be presented only to you.


Brewery “Biržų alus”

22 Rotušės strt., Biržai

+370 616 16 514


Cognitive-tasting program „Beer tour“ at "Birzu alus" brewery  

You like beer and want to know more about this 
beverage, don’t you?

Are you dreaming of visiting a place where real “live” 
beer sees the light or how are virtuosos of the brewing 
craft toiling in their places of work?

Do you want to know about the honorable and full of 
attractions Lithuanian brewing history?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, 
you are welcome to the cognitive – tasting program 
“Beer Tour” arranged by “Biržų alus“, where the 
demands of even the most curious 
beer lover will be met.


TEP of

 Čygas - Kalkis “Rinkuškiai”

Alyvų g.8, Biržų k. Biržų r.

Tel. +370 659 52526

Brewery of Rinkuškiai organizes excursions named “Beer Way”. Only here you will have an opportunity to visit brewery workshops. Some special brewing characteristics will be revealed to you. Also, you will see our beer museum, which is in a creation process. Finally, you will be able to taste beer in a restaurant “Alaus kelias” maybe even with the real Žaldokas.

„Monteball“ is a game, created by one of Rinkuškiai brewery owners. It is a combination of football, golf and chess elements. Fresh air, pleasant time and new, untried impressions are guaranteed to you!


Unique game “Manteball”

Mantagailiškis manor park

Biržų r.

Tel +370 659 78169

Entertainment - game at Mantagailiškis Manor Park.

Hotel “Tyla”


Tylos str. 2, Biržai

Tel./fax: +370 450 31191

Mob.:  +370 698 78208


Hotel “Tyla”was opened in 1998 and is located in the green zone of the outskirt of Biržai city (2 kilometers from the city center). Kilučiai Lake and River Apasčia are located near the hotel. Classification of three stars was provided for the hotel Guests can choose from:14 double rooms and 2 deluxe rooms. Hotel also contains cafe, bar, sauna, swimming pool (only for hotel guests); conference meeting room, free Wi-Fi internet connection, free car parking place.


Rural Homestead of Alė Podėnienė

Vinkšniniai vil., Biržai d.

Tel.: +370 618 65593



Cozy rural homestead near Biržai city is located on a river bank specially for Your relaxation, celebrations and work. Educational program called “Būva maža grytelytė” is an exclusive entertainment of our homestead. History of Biržai city and Vinkšniniai village, rural traditions and soil properties will be presented for the guests. Traditional Lithuanian wind and string musical instruments will be presented to you. Also, there will be a great opportunity to taste traditional dumplings made by the recipe from Vinkšniniai village.


Rural Homestead of Mantas Bartuškevičius


Laužadiškis vil., Biržai d.

Tel.: +370 699 99062,

+370 650 59373,

+370 650 17803



You are invited to visit a rural homestead surrounded by forests and named “Po Vinkšna”. This homestead is located in a village of Laužadiškiai, which is located 13 kilometers from Biržai, near the 23 acres size pond Agentiškis. You will be able to celebrate your wedding day, various anniversaries, Christening Day, organize conferences or just actively spend your holiday time. We prepared 40 sleeping places, 100 places in a ballroom, kitchen, fireplace, hall for conferences and seminars, garden shelter, cars parking place and various entertainment only for you.


V. Venckūnas, water tourism, rural tourism homestead.

Nemunėlio Radviliškis, Biržų r. Tel. +370 603 06297

Kayak rental, tent site, resting place for the gardens, basketball and volleyball court.

Rural Homestead “Pas Viadotą”

Antupės k. 5, Biržų r. Tel. +370 611 59077

30 km. from Biržai near the Latvian border, located in in a comfortable homestead suitable for personal, company celebrations, business meetings (up to 100 seats), 18 seats for sleeping. There is a sauna, a basketball court, bike rental, archery, canoeing, WiFi.


Biržai aero club

Veterinarijos . 2, Biržai,
Tel: +370 450 31948,

Established in 1968, the Biržai Aero Club organises gliding and aeromodeling championships of the Republic of Lithuania. Members of the club participate in world and Europe championships. When weather conditions are good, the Biržai Aero Club invites to admire magnificent views of the city of Biržai from the air

Sodeliškis manor

Sodeliškių g. 1A, Sodeliškių k. Biržų r.

Tel. +370 614 02160 

The farmstead is located 14 km from Birzai town, dedicated both to holidays and rest, as well as to conferences. In the farmstead, you can see the collection of antique cars and tractors that was in operation in 1924. wind mill, visit deer farm.

Farm of landowner Jūris Milišiūnas


Dvargaliai vil., Biržai d.

Tel.: +370 615 93181


The farm is founded in Pačeriaukštė parish of Biržai district, in a village of Dvargaliai in 1991. The main activities are sheepherding and ecological cereal production. 250 acres farmland contains 100 acres meadows and pastures. We grow Lithuanian blackhead sheep, Texel, ostfriesian, and coburg leafy sheep. At the moment, we grow 1800 sheep of pure bred. Our sheep are sold for breeding, and meat. We ourselves make lamb sausages, and sheep cheeses from our sheep milk.