Biržai Regional Park


The Biržai Regional Park boasts a unique landscape, exceptional natural phenomena, glorious history, cherished old traditions, handicrafts, culinary heritage, and local brewing traditions. It was established in 1922 with a purpose of conserving, enhancing and promoting rational use of a unique karst landscape, natural ecosystem, and cultural heritage. Biržai Regional Park (14,405.80 hectares) offers a variety of recreational and educational opportunities. 

Visitor Centre at the Biržai Regional Park. Upon entering the Centre, you will immediately begin to feel a sense of being in a sinkhole. In a reception-room, embossed glass elements represent the structure of sinkhole slopes: a cross-section shows rock strata exposed following a landslide. The ceiling also depicts the interior of a sinkhole. There are interactive displays entitled ‘Development of Sinkholes’ and ‘Ecosystem of Karst Lakes’, an installation functioning like a hourglass that imitates the collapse of the land surface forming a sinkhole, and other installations feature the sinkhole before and after the collapse, which helps to understand natural phenomena occurring in the region of Biržai. The second hall offers a rich collection of minerals and rocks of the region. A fascinating interactive exhibition featuring a core sample obtained by drilling with special drills into the sediment or rock gives to visitors a vivid impression of a scale of the depth of drill hole and visualise the bedrock strata.

Biržai Regional Park offers to travel to „Earth Museum“. This tourist route will give you the chance to walk half a kilometer long footbridge over the lake Širvėna, to see Astravas palace and it‘s park, the old dam, Karajimiškis landscape reserve with unique karstic sinkholes, Kirkilai karstic sinkholes – the karstic lakes. Excursion time – about 3 hours, route length – about 20 km.


Excursion guides in Directorate of Biržai regional park:

  • director Kestutis Baronas (lithuanian, latvian, russian);
  • chief specialist Danutė Kondrotienė (lithuanian, english);
  • chief specialist Tomas Vilkas (lithuanian, russian)
  • ecologist Indrė Vėtaitė (lithuanian)


Tours must be booked in advance by calling tel.+370 608 51598 (in english) or +370 687 58343 (in russian and latvian)


Guide service prices:


Tour for up to 20 persons:

                      in lithuanian language        10,00 € / 1 hour

                      in foreign language             20,00 € / 1 hour


Tour for 21 persons and more :

                      in lithuanian language        0,50 € / 1 hour / per person

                      in foreign language            1,00 € / 1 hour / per person


Presentation of exposition „Region of collapsing ground“ (for groups of up to 10 persons):

                      in lithuanian language        5,00 € 

                      in foreign language            10,00 € 


Presentation of exposition „Region of collapsing ground“ (for groups starting from 11 persons):

                      in lithuanian language        0,50 € / per person

                      in foreign language            1,00 € / per person




Administration of

Biržai Regional Park       

10 Rotuses st., , LT-41175, Biržai

Tel: +370 608 51598




May – September




October – April


I-IV   8.00 - 17.00
    V   8.00 - 15.45
   VI   9.00 - 16.00



I-IV   8.00 - 17.00
   V    8.00 - 15.45