Biržai city festival 2017


   (P. Snarskis-Žvaigždulis)

 Festival programme



August 4th

3.00 pm. Opening of the exhibition by the painter, graphic artist Petras Rauduvė, dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the artist's birth. Biržai region museum “Sėla” large exhibition hall.
4.00 pm. Poetry presentationof National Prize (1998) Laureate Marcelijus Martinaitis. Biržai District Municipality J. Bielinis Public Library.
6.00 pm. Philosopher’s discussion. Biržai Castle, Arsenal Hall.
9.30  pm. Movie-concert “The Rolling Stones” tour of Lotin America under the project “Kino karavanas”. Biržai Castle courtyard. Open air show.
August 5th

 On August 5th, 2017, the Antique Vehicle Club „Klasika“ will hold its traditional antique and classic car show in Biržai, Lithuania. The show will take place in the Biržai downtown during the Biržai City Festival. At 5 pm.  till 8 pm.


8.00 am. Fair Biržikšt į Biržus“ in J. Janonio square.

10.00 am. Communities of Biržai and neighbouring municipalities ready to meet guests at the guest yards. J. Janonio square.

10.00 am. Funny RETRO (hairdressing saloon, confectioner's shop, butcher, scribe and so on). Rotušės st.

10.30 am.–3.00 pm. An event for running enthusiasts. “Biržai kilometres” – the traditional running competition held in Biržai. The starting point of the race – by the Independence Monument, Vytauto st.

12.00 am. Solemn Worship at the Evengelical reformed Church dedicated to the 500th  anniversaryof Reformation.

11.00 am. and 2.00 pm. Sightseeing tours around the Biržai land THE NEXT STATION IS BIRŽAI. Departure location – the Visitors Centre at the Biržai Regional Park, Rotušės st. 10.
1.00 pm. Children’s program. Concert „Children of the Sun“. Big stage,J. Janonio square.
2.00 pm.-5.30 pm. Performance of art collectives from communities of Biržai and neighbouring municipalities. Big stage, J. Janonio square
1.00 pm. The narrow-gauge railway revived! Riding the draisines of the “Narrow-Gauge Railway Club”, Public Enterprise. Boarding at the former railway station, Stoties st. 7.
2.00 pm. The festive meeting of citizens and guests at Biržai Castle. 

5.00 pm. “The Timeless Classics 2016”, the international antique car show. The square next to the Evangelical Reformed Church. Reformatų st. 3.

5.30 pm. Festive march (from Municipality towards J. Janonio square).

6.00 pm. Greetings from municipal leaders and guests. J. Janonio square.

6.30 pm. Evening concerts: “Radijo klasika”, group “Vairas”, MAN-GO, BLACK BICEPS, Edgaras Lubys with the group. J. Janonio square.

00.00 pm.-2.00 am. Laser show, festive fireworks, and discoteque. J. Janonio square.



August 6th  

11.00 am. Mass at the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Worship service at the Evangelical Reformed Church.

12.30 pm. Opening of the Ceramics exhibition – “Between tradition and modernity”. Biržai region museum’s “Sėla” small exhibition hall.
1.00 pm. Poetry competition “Eilėraščė” dedicated for Biržai city. Laureates awards. Arch of the second floor of the castle palace of Birzai castle.