Biržai City Festival 2016


Biržai City Festival 2016 Programme

Friday, 5th August 2016

Time: 3.00 pm. Book presentation event. Writer Dr. Deimantas Karvelis. “From the History of the Radvila family: The Duchy of Biržai and Society in 1547-1655”. The author shall be present. Biržai Castle, Arsenal Hall.

Time: 3.30 pm–8.00 pm. Street basketball tournament 3X3. J. Janonio square

Time: 4.30 pm. Kęstutis Preidžius, a folk artist. Opening of artist’s anniversary exhibition. Sėla, Biržai Region Museum, major exhibition hall.

Time: 5.00 pm. Establishment Ceremony for Biržai Company of Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces 5th Territorial Unit Vytis Military District. Kęstučio st.10 (next to the former DNB bank.)

Time: 5.30 pm. “Graffiti on the paziukas” art event. Biržai Castle courtyard.

Time: 6.00 pm. A war documentary Mariupolis, directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius. Opportunity to meet the author. Biržai Culture Centre.

Time: 7.00 pm.Cinema 4D. 5 sessions every 30 minutes. Biržai Castle courtyard.

Time: 8.00 pm.–Midnight. Entertainment night for young people. Biržai Castle courtyard.

Saturday, 6th August 2016

Time: 8.00 am. Handicraft Fair in J. Janonio square.

Time: 8.00 am.–9.00 am. Messengers invite to celebrate the Festival of Biržai, once the Radvila family domain.

Time: 10.00 am. Communities of Biržai and neighbouring municipalities ready to meet guests at the improvised guest yards. J. Janonio square.

Time: 10.30 am.–3.00 pm. An event for running enthusiasts. “Biržai kilometres” – the traditional running competition held in Biržai. The starting point of the race – by the Independence Monument, Vytauto st.

Time: Noon–1.30 pm. Official Ceremony to commemorate the 600-th anniversary of the historical beginning of Biržai – first mentioning in the historical sources. The Ceremony extends to honorary citizens of the city of Biržai, including awarding the Antanas Macijauskas prize. Castle Hall.

Time: Noon and 2.00 pm. Sightseeing tours across the Biržai land by means of a festive “paziukas”. Departure location - the Visitors‘ Centre of Biržai Regional Park, Rotušės st.10.

Time: Noon–1.00 pm. A circus show for children. Outdoor stage, J. Janonio square.

Time:1.30 pm. Zenonas Meškauskas and Petras Meškauskas, photographers. Artists’ photography exhibition opening. Sėla, Biržai Regional Museum, the small exhibition hall.

Time: 1.00 pm.–5.30 pm. Art groups bring their talent on the concert stage. Outdoor stage, J. Janonio square.

Time: 1.00 pm. The narrow-gauge railway revived! Riding the draisines of the “Narrow-Gauge Railway Club”, Public Enterprise. Boarding at the former railway station, Stoties st. 7.

Time: 2.30 pm. Book presentation event. Writer Algimantas Zurba. Presentation of his new book “The Mist of the Dawns” (Aušrų migla). The author shall participate in the event. Castle Hall.

Time: 3.00 pm. A show of stilt walkers and jugglers. J. Janonio square.

Time: 4.00 pm. A theatrical improvisation by Borisas Dauguvietis Theatre under Biržai Culture Centre to commemorate the first Lithuanian evening event in Biržai (110 years ago). Castle courtyard.

Time: 5.00 pm.-7.30 pm. “The Timeless Classics 2016”, the international antique car show. The square next to the Evangelical Reformed Church. Reformatų st. 3.

Time: 5.30 pm. Festive march (from Municipality towards J. Janonio square).

Time: 5.45 pm. Greetings from municipal leaders and guests. J. Janonio square.

Time: 6.30 pm. Evening concerts: Bronius Mūras with the group (Chicago), Electric Ladies, Rūta Ščiogolevaitė with the group, Linas Adomaitis with the group, rock and roll performers from Latvia. J. Janonio square.

Time: Midnight. Festive fireworks.

Time: 00.15 am.–2.00 am. Discotheque. J. Janonio square.

Sunday, 7th August 2016

Time: 10.00 am. A journey on foot through literary Biržai city. A companion and guide – Algirdas Butkevičius. The journey starts at the Municipality, Vytauto st. 38.

Time: 11.00 am. Mass at the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Worship service at the Evangelical Reformed Church.

Time: 00.30 pm. The final event of triolet poetry competition. Castle first floor arcade.

Time: 2.00 pm. Book presentation event. Writer Jūratė Baranova. ‘The Phenomenon of Jurga Ivanauskaitė: Between Surrealism and Existentialism.” The author and Dr. Ingrida Korsakaitė, the mother of Jurga Ivanauskaitė, shall be present. Castle Hall.

Time: 5.00 pm. The final event of the Festival – “Another Angle” performance by Improvisation theatre. Biržai Culture Centre.

Festival organizers: Biržai District Municipality, Sėla, Biržai Regional Museum, Biržai District Municipality J. Bielinis Public Library, Biržai Culture Centre, Biržai Tourism Information Centre.

Festival informative supporters: Šiaurės rytai, UAB, Biržiečių žodis, UAB, Balticum TV, telecommunication company and, the independent internet portal.