THE MOST POPULAR TOUR 1 DAY OFFER IN BIRZAI 

Tour in Birzai regional museum „Sela“

The Biržai Regional Museum Sėla is housed in the restored palace of Biržai Castle.  The museum’s exhibits reflect the history, culture, religion, literature and art of the region. Restored with care, a tiled stove echoes of the past splendor of the castle.

Tickets price: 3€/person, 12€ guide

Address: 3 Radvilos str., Biržai



“A biržiečė vaišin dainuodamūs“  (Zaldokas‘ Beer) 

Birzai Regional Museum ‘Sela’ offers a visit to a unique exhibition of old brewing traditions. The participants will be introduced to tools used in the old brewing process, the technologies of home brewing – and the hospitable traditions of the people of Aukstaitija. Sitting at a white cloth table you will taste Birzai beer, cheese and bread, and listen to a folklore group that promote the local  musical traditions by playing festive songs (songs sung while treating guests).

There’s also an opportunity to try out local musical instruments sing and dance.

Tickets price: 7€/person

Address: 3 Radvilos str., Biržai


Lunch time

Wide range of options: traditional lithuanian cuisine, a la carte, sushi and etc.



Sightseeing tour in Birzai region

You will visit the Birzai Regional Park visitor centre, upon entering the Centre, you will immediately begin to feel a sense of being in a sinkhole. Local guide will lead you thru the longest footbridge in Lithuania, also you will make a visit in Astravas manor - architecture pearl in Birzai. Then You will make a short trip to sinkholes, the most famous of them – “Cow’s Cave” (“Karves ola”), take a walk thru 700 m long geological path and of course you will visit Kirkilai, The View Tower; its form resembles a canoe or a sinking boat. The height of the tower is almost 32 m. When you climb-up to the view tower, you can see wonderful views: 30 sink holes full of water. They are called the lakes of the Sanctuary of Kirkilai. 

Tour length: 2-3 hours

Guided tour price: 30€/hour

Route of Beer 

There are 3 breweries in Birzai that offer beer tasting programs. You like beer and want to know more about this beverage, don’t you? So, you can choose from 16 cognitive-tasting programs! Starting with just beer and snacks to full meal course.


*Birzai tourism information centre offers to make Your visit even more comfortable: we can organize and book all Your day and charge You just in one bill for all activities.


Biržų alus brewery

Butautai manor brewery

Rinkuškiai brewery